The Additives and Supplements Industry Analysis Research Reports

People from all ages and walks of life take nutritional supplements and additives to provide themselves with a healthy diet. The U.S. represents the largest segment of the additives and supplements industry, with Western Europe in second, followed by Japan. In developed countries with a high population of residents with disposable incomes who place an emphasis on health, analysis suggests that the additives and supplements industry is strongest. It is expected to see significant growth globally in the near future as the health consciousness movement continues to gain momentum.

Gains are expected among companies that source the ingredients for the additives and supplements as well as the final product manufacturers and distributors. The additives and supplements industry analysis research we provide to clients covers these key players in the industry.

Additives and supplements are available in solid foods, liquids, and powder. Consumer choices for these nutritional boosts include:

·         Natural food supplements

·         Sports nutritional products

·         Meal supplements

·         Minerals

·         Vitamins

·         Herbs

Owing to the potentially explosive growth of the additives and supplements industry, our analysis has been consistent and ongoing. The vitamin D market has also seen tremendous growth on a global basis in additives and supplements industry analysis reports that reveal crucial information to would-be investors as well as decision makers directly involved in this market. Our reports focus on a wide range of data including investment opportunities, growth restraints, growth rates, and market drivers. We also specialize in providing additives and supplements industry analysis on market trends as well as on the competitive landscape and issues associated with regulations and pending legislation that can impact the market.

Product Demand is Surging

As expected, the additives and supplements industry has continued to do well, with global market size in 2018 estimated at $115.06 billion USD. The compound annual growth rate is forecasted to rise to 7.8% during the next period. Additives and supplements industry analysis reveals that major market drivers are the growing emphasis by consumers on maintaining healthy diets and increasingly active lifestyles. Sports nutrition is another driver among a smaller segment of the global population, with international sporting events as a major growth contributor.

Additional growth factors include:

·         Global rise in disposable income which allows more people to afford the additional costs of additives and supplements.

·         Increasing consumer awareness about the importance of eating a healthy and nutritious diet and the challenges of reaching their goals while only eating store bought food. As more people move into cities and become reliant on stores to provide their food rather than growing their own, additives and supplements are fulfilling a tremendous need.

·         Many persons who suffer from cardiovascular disease, obesity, and other health conditions use additives and supplements to achieve improved health and reduce risks of heart attacks and other concerns.

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