Not all real estate opportunities are equal; some require demolition work in order to bring the property up to standard or in preparation for building a new structure. In many cases, no structure at all is preferable to one that has significantly degraded and may even be hazardous or an attractive nuisance. The demolition of such buildings typically limits the property owner’s liability and greatly reduces their risk. Demolition work can also greatly improve the property’s value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers or lessees.

If you have not engaged a demolition company in the past, or you have had negative experiences, here are some tips for hiring a reputable business that can safely and adequately perform the work for your real estate property:

1.    Confirm that the demolition company is licensed and insured. You can usually verify their licensing on the state’s website under commercial businesses.

2.    Perform an online search for reviews of the company. Even the best demolition companies can receive a negative review so keep that in mind. However, if there is a pattern of disgruntled former customers, cross that company off your list.

3.    Contact prospective demolition companies and, after describing the job you need to be completed, ask if they have performed similar work. This is especially important if the job is going to be complex or is high risk due to one or more factors such as the proximity to other structures.

4.    Request estimates from various demolition companies. If a quote is substantially higher or lower than the others, it may indicate a lack of experience on their part or other issues and can be a red flag.

5.    When speaking with prospective licensed demolition professionals in Los Angeles, CA, ask if they will be able to complete the work themselves or if they will have to hire one or more contractors to supplement their crew or to provide equipment that they themselves do not own. If they plan to use any contractors, then you have the right to know who they are so that you can research their professional reputation.

6.    If the demolition work you require is part of a structure that is a place of business, ask what measures they will take to minimize the risk of harm to the building’s occupants and what steps they will take to minimize the downtime of your company’s daily operations.

7.    If you have more than one real estate location that requires demolition services within the same time period, ask the company if they will consider offering a discount on their rates.

After choosing a demolition company that you believe will meet your needs, inquire as to what you can do to help their crew complete their work as efficiently as possible. If you are able to assist the demolition company by being reasonably accommodating in whatever ways necessary, it can be a win-win situation.

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into the demolition process.