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When people contact our Research Professionals at, there are a wide variety of topics or reports that they may need. We understand that access to reliable information is harder to find nowadays, especially when any person can post whatever they like on the interweb, fact or not. An example of a topic that a client may request from us is a current market share report by the industry of their choice.

Here we discuss what a market share is, how to calculate it for your company, and why contact a Research Professional at for the information you need may be the best decision you ever made.

What Is a Market Share?

By definition, a market share is the percent of total sales within an industry that is calculated by a specific company. This calculation is done by taking that company’s sales during a set period and then dividing it by the industry total sales within that same time frame. With this metric, it can provide insight into the size of that company in comparison to others in the market. It is important to note that losses or gains within a market share can have an influence on a company’s performance in stocks, depending on the conditions of the industry. 

Calculating Your Company’s Market Share

If you are someone that runs a company, is an analyst, or investor, then you may want to read on to find out more about what it takes to calculate a company’s market share. Remember, a company’s market share is the portion of sales in correlation to the industry that it operates. To calculate market share, you will first have to identify what frame of time you want to evaluate. Are there specific weeks, months, or years you want to assess? Once you have decided that, then add up the sales for your company during that time period. Then, search the total sales within the industry. A good example of this calculation is explained here: 

Let’s imagine that your company made $275 million dollars selling milk packaging products during the year of 2019. You will then need to search how much the industry for milk packaging made during that same year. Perhaps the total for this industry was $750 million dollars. That means you will divide how much your company made by the total for the industry, thus, your company has a market share of 37% for the milk packaging industry. 

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When doing this calculation for market shares, it is usually by country. We are well aware that in order to assess the success of your company currently, along with predicting sales for the future, you need dependable information. If you are a business owner, the time you have to dedicate towards weaving through the online “gunk” in order to find what you really need may be limited. If you are an industry professional who needs to obtain data for market shares so you can evaluate your company accurately, then please contact a Research Professional at for more details!